The Employment Relations Act 2000 places greater onus on the employer to ensure compliance, not only with contractual terms required in any agreement but also statutory terms.

For an employee there are numerous matters to ensure the employer has complied with an included in the employment agreement. Proceedural steps necessary when employing staff and dealing with union and non-union employees are important.

For these reasons and to minimise compliance costs, the risk of claims against an employer, it is important more than ever before to ensure that procedures in employing, appropriate employment agreements and correct implementation of the employment agreement terms and procedures are followed.

Visa versa for employees, it is imperative that you obtain advice in relation to conduct by an employer affecting you or action taken against you.

We offer lawyers who are well versed in this area of law and would be happy to assist you in minimising the risks or ensuring that you have been dealt with fairly, as the case may be.

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