Are you:

  • Considering marrying or living with someone, but are worried about how this will affect your assets or property you have inherited or are likely to inherit?
  • Not sure whether your relationship (or a relationship of your child) qualifies as a de facto relationship for the purposes of the Property (Relationships) Act?
  • Entering a second marriage or major relationship and concerned that your property is protected for your children, especially after your death?
  • Not sure of your entitlement to property which is in your partners name or in the name of a trust or company?
  • Unsure of whether the things you did to protect your property before the introduction of the Property (Relationships) Act (such as an agreement with your partner or a family trust) are still effective?


We can help:

By explaining the law, your rights and your partner’s rights. With advice on whether you might benefit from entering into a Property Sharing Agreement with your partner or by forming a family trust.

By preparing a property sharing agreement which is tailor made for your circumstances, and explaining this to you.

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