You should have one!

A subject many people find difficult and shy away from discussing….death.

We all understand we can be affected by death at any time. We also appreciate that a death of someone close is followed by grief and turmoil for those of us who are left behind. Much of the turmoil can be avoided with a well-planned and well-drafted Will.

Your Will sets out your wishes and instructions for others (your Executors) to follow on your death. This often includes specific funeral wishes. As a Will may not be read until after a funeral, we recommend you discuss your wishes with your loved ones, family or the named executors to ensure they are able to carry out any wishes that include funeral/internment instructions.

Some people mistakenly think that you need to be elderly before you require a Will. However, if you are young and own assets, your family will appreciate clear instructions around your wishes. Should you have a young family your Will can appoint guardians for their care.

It is important to appreciate that if you die without a Will, the Administration Act 1969 sets out what happens to your assets, cash and possessions. The distribution in terms of the Act may not be the same as your wishes or intentions.

Powers of Attorney:

The unexpected can happen to you at any time – illness strikes; accidents occur.

It makes good sense to take steps to minimise the upheaval and cost that follows such events. Burley Attwood Law strongly recommend clients have Enduring Powers of Attorney in respect of both their property and their personal care and welfare.

Once again the knowledge and experience Burley Attwood Law have accumulated is there to guide clients in the choice of a suitable person to act as Attorney and the need to set appropriate conditions and restrictions on the Attorney.

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